Does a Snapple Lid Say ‘Trump Lost’?

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Does a Snapple Lid Say ‘Trump Lost’?

A photograph that was circulated on Twitter and Reddit in early May 2021 claimed to show the underside of a Snapple lid with a “Real Facts” factoid that allegedly read, “Trump lost and the election was not stolen.” 

As some users on Reddit pointed out, it appeared as though the “fact” listed on the lid had been photoshopped, and a look through the online Snapple real facts database did not return any results matching the image above.

We have contacted Keurig Dr Pepper to confirm whether such a lid had ever been in production but did not hear back in time for publication. We will update this article once we have received more information. Until then we have rated this claim as “Research in Progress.” 

Author: Madison Dapcevich
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