Apex Legends patch notes today: Respawn reveal what’s changed in update 1.68

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Apex Legends patch notes today: Respawn reveal what’s changed in update 1.68
This week has seen Respawn make some interesting changes to Apex Legends Season 9.

Having had such a wobbly start, it’s probably not surprising that there would need to be a few more patches to level everything out.

Today’s Apex 1.68 patch includes several important fixes, including the removal of issues that left gamers unable to log in.

This was the first of the two-part update that was released today, and includes the following changes:

These updates were followed by another patch, this time bringing playlist tweaks to Apex Legends across all platforms.

And the most notable tweak was saved for the new Bocek Bow, which was seen as too overpowered when Season 9 launched.

This has led to the Bocek Bow being nerfed in important ways, leaving a much less powerful weapon to wield.

The official description for the weapon reads: “The new Bocek (pronounced bow-check) compound bow is a precision marksman weapon that rewards a skilled and confident hand.

“Holding down fire will draw the bow over a short time, increasing the power of the shot, with maximum power giving optimal damage and projectile speed. Repeatedly firing the Bocek right as it reaches max power provides the best sustained damage.

“The Bocek uses a new ammo type, Arrows, which are unique to this weapon. Arrows are more rare on the battlefield, but fired arrows will stick into surfaces and remain in the world for players to pick back up and reuse.

“The 1x hcog classic, 1x holosight, 2x hcog, 1x-2x variable, and 3x hcog optics can all be equipped. The Bocek can also be further modified with the two new hop-ups entering the game, Shatter Caps and Deadeye’s Tempo; it can even equip both hop-ups simultaneously.”

This should help highlight how this week’s changes will have changed the original plan for the Bow now available in Season 9.

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