Cleaning mould: SIX types of harmful mould people find at home

Mould has a nasty habit of appearing in areas people want to keep the cleanest, such as in kitchens or bathrooms. Growths can have a range of damaging effects when it enters the respiratory system. Any growing cultures can also negatively impact property sales, so people should learn how to identify different types.


Aspergillus has 185 separate species which come in many different colours.

They tend to develop similarly, however, with many thick, ripple-like layers per bloom.

The mould can become toxigenic and cause asthma attacks, lung infections, or develop aflatoxins, a type of carcinogen.

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Many types of mould thrive in humid and moist conditions, but not fusarium.

Fusarium can grow in cold temperatures and presents with a pinkish hue on food, carpeting and other fabrics or materials.

Again, it causes allergic reactions, but prolonged exposure can cause severe conditions such as brain abscesses or bone infections.

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