NS&I confirms saver won £25,000 prize with a holding of just £7 in May 2021 draw

The tweet, posted on the verified NS&I Twitter account, read: “We have paid out over 3.5 million tax-free prizes in May’s draw and a winner in Cardiff scooped a £25,000 prize with a holding of just £7!

“You can check to see if you have won a prize this month via the prize checker app or the online prize checker here,” it added, beside a link to the Premium Bonds prize checker on the NS&I website.

The chances of winning a prize in the Premium Bonds prize draw are now 34,500 to one, per £1 Bond number.

As such, it’s often remarked upon that the more Premium Bonds holding a person has, the more chance they will have to win.

“With Premium Bonds, rather than receiving interest or investment returns on your money, you’ll be entered into a monthly prize draw,” explained Paul Campion, financial planner at Succession Wealth.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Finance Feed

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