'Let the people decide!' Boris urged to immediately scrap BBC licence fee in fresh plea

BBC ‘won’t do a thing’ about TV licence fee says expert

Payment of the annual licence fee, which funds the BBC, is a legal requirement in the UK for tens of millions of people wanting to watch live television. But over recent months calls have intensified to scrap the annual payment of the licence fee altogether, with people voicing their frustration at coverage over recent events, and have often accused the corporation of “bias”. Now a leading Brexiteer has urged the Prime Minister to use his “political power” to completely scrap the licence fee, turn it into a subscription service and “let the people decide”.
Former Brexit MEP Rupert Lowe wrote on Twitter: “Johnson holds the most political power of any PM for decades.

“Use it and Defund the BBC.

“Make it a subscription service and let the people decide!”

Mr Johnson has previously considered scrapping the licence fee, despite facing a backlash from his own Tory MPs.

bbc licence fee boris johnson

BBC news: Boris Johnson has been urged to scrap the licence fee (Image: GETTY)

bbc licence fee twitter

BBC news: Rupert Lowe urged the PM to ‘let the people decide (Image: @RupertLowe10 / Twitter)

In February 2020, Downing Street said the Prime Minister was not planning to abolish the compulsory charge “at this stage” following warnings from within Number 10 to turn the BBC into a subscription service.

But a spokesman for Mr Johnson didn’t rule out the dramatic change at that time.

He said: “I would point you to what the Prime Minister has said on this before, which was, ‘At this stage we are not planning to get rid of all licence fees though I am certainly looking at it.’”

Earlier this year, it was reported the Prime Minister was expected to “put pressure on the BBC” over debates around the future of the broadcaster’s TV licence fee.

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BBC news: The broadcaster has come under attack over recent months (Image: GETTY)

Speaking to campaign group Defund the BBC, broadcaster Mike Graham said: “I think he’s going to put pressure on the BBC because we’ve got this new director-general Tim Davie who hasn’t proved to be quite as much of a new broom as he said he was going to be.

“He’s trying his best but as you can imagine, it must be the worst civil service department trying to get anybody to change their mind.

“They’ve got hoards of middle and upper management but I think the appointment of Rishi Sunak’s mate who is now the chairman will shake things up quicker because I think that will be where the political pressure it brought for a restructure.

“I think like with all good changes they will have to come up with a reason to do it and a way to do it.

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BBC news: The broadcaster has often been accused of ‘bias’ (Image: GETTY)

“You can’t just say, let’s get rid of the licence fee and see what happens.

“You have to structure it in such a way, can you pay for parts of it and get other parts of it for free?

“I certainly think they need to break up the way that they run it because it’s not feasible anymore.”

The Defund the BBC campaign launched in 2020, demanding non-payment of the licence fee be decriminalised.

The group has gained more than 100,000 Twitter followers and tens of thousands of Facebook likes.

bbc tim davie

BBC news: Tim Davie said the broadcaster is doing ‘pretty well’ at offering value for money (Image: GETTY)

The BBC also come under fire after some people received licencing authority letters threatening legal action during the coronavirus pandemic.

In response, Defund the BBC campaign director Rebecca Ryan fumed: “I think it is disgraceful really. Their communications is one of the worst.

“A lot of people want to cancel their licence but they continue to pay it because they are intimidated.

“They don’t want to be funding this but they don’t want to be hassled.

“And even if they don’t watch BBC or have a TV, they still pay because they don’t want to be hassled.”

Last month, BBC director-general Tim Davie said the broadcaster is doing “pretty well” at offering value for money but made clear it needs to keep licence payers’ views in mind.

The BBC boss said: “If most households don’t feel they’re getting £159 of value from the BBC then we’re in trouble.

“And at the moment we’re doing pretty well.”

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