Brixham Harbour panic as bomb squad scrambled to Devon hotspot – Sea Wolf missile fears

The units rushed to the Brixham Yacht Club this afternoon. According to reports, a trawler landed a large part of a Seawolf missile on the landing berth at the harbour. Royal Navy bomb units have since exploded the Sea Wolf missile.
Royal Navy bomb experts have since blown up the missile out at sea off the harbour after it was brought in on a fishing trawler.

It was blown up 14 metres below the surface and made a ‘pop’ as explosives rigged to the side of it went off, according to bomb officials brought in from Plymouth.

A naval spokesman at the scene told DevonLive: “A fisherman brought in what he thought was an old Sea Wolf rocket. He wasn’t sure of its full type at the time.

“About 9am that came in to Brixham Harbour.

“Police phoned us up, we went up, identified it as a Sea Wolf rocket motor, so low explosive content, and the safest option to us was to take it out to sea and detonate it out at sea.”

He added: “We get in touch with the coastguard, they provide assistance with cordons, they let all the fishermen know…we put our own explosives next to the explosives from the rocket motor, lower that down to the sea bed and then we detonate it on the surface.”

Brixham coastguard confirmed Solent maritime colleagues from Berry Head were involved.

Police officials from the Ministry of Defence are also down at the scene.

One eye witness said: “Bomb disposal hurtling down New Road.”

Others said they had seen teams drive down by the water.

A Sea Wolf is a naval surface-to-air missile system and is an automated point-defence weapon system.

It is designed as a short-range defence against both sea-skimming and high-angle anti-ship missiles and aircraft.

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