How to prevent white spots on teeth

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How to prevent white spots on teeth
White spots can appear on many people’s teeth – even when that individual has a perfect dental routine. White spots or other discolouration can be caused by several things including illness, infection, vitamin deficiencies, excess fluid or even trauma to the tooth.
There are several causes for white spots on your teeth.

The most common cause is dental fluorosis – a cosmetic condition caused by overexposure to fluoride frying the first eight years of life.

It is a harmless condition which tends to develop before the teeth break through the gums.

Another common cause of white spots on your teeth is enamel hypoplasia which happens when a person’s teeth enamel does not form properly.

Enamel hypoplasia also happens during childhood when a person’s teeth are still developing, but unlike fluorosis, there is a risk of tooth decay with this condition.

White spots can also be caused by poor dental hygiene, especially while wearing braces, or eating too many sugary and acidic foods.

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Reducing intake of sugary and acidic foods

One of the most effective ways to prevent tooth enamel and other dental issues is to reduce highly sugary and acidic teeth.

Food and drinks to be aware of include citric juices and fruits, sugary sweets, fizzy drinks and other drinks high in sugars.

Drinking water while consuming high sugar and acid foods can help to wash them off your teeth and reduce the chance of damage.

Also, drinking fizzy drinks and other potentially damaging liquids using a straw can also help protect your teeth.


Anyone particularly concerned about white spots on their teeth should seek professional advice from your dentist.

White spots can be less desirable but are not usually a cause for concern.

If you are concerned about them however your dentist can provide better insight, advice and guidance about how to treat them.

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