Elvis Presley watches: Why the King was gifted diamond-encrusted Tiffany Omega watch

Elvis Presley watches: Why the King was gifted diamond-encrusted Tiffany Omega watch

Elvis Presley became a worldwide phenomenon because of his popular music, but his style and fashion sense also added to his gravitas as a unique star. The white jumpsuits, coifed black hair and cowboy boots made sure he always stuck out from the crowd. Even into his final years performing at Las Vegas the star wore tasselled capes and rhinestones, but none of his looks were complete without one of his iconic timepieces.

Elvis had a number of watches that he boasted throughout his career, which he kept safe at Graceland

One of the most iconic pieces the King of Rock and Roll owned was an Omega watch.

The brand is best known for producing James Bond‘s watches of choice, but this one was different.

The pale face of Elvis’ Omega watch was matched alongside a separate, smaller-windowed second hand at the six o’clock position.

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This Omega watch in particular was special as it was custom made by the Swiss watch brand in collaboration with the jewellery company Tiffany & Co. Both companies were featured at the 12 o’clock position on the watch.

As if the 18k white gold watch wasn’t flashy enough, the bezel of Elvis’ watch was custom-made with 44 brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding the edge of the timepiece.

The watch was a Christmas gift from the president of RCA Records at the time.

It was given to Elvis as a reward for selling more than 75 million records worldwide – a number which was completely unheard of until he did it.

This wasn’t the only extravagant watch Elvis had in his possession, however.

The star also owned a number of Rolexes, one of which has stood out to watch collectors and horologists for decades.

The Rolex King Midas was a solid gold-plated watch that was like nothing else on the market at the time.

It was asynchronous and didn’t have any markings on its face, other than the hands themselves and the Rolex branding.

Elvis also wore a triangular-shaped watch on the set of his 1961 movie Blue Hawaii.

The Hamilton Ventura went down in history as one of the first-ever Quartz (battery-powered) watches made – and the King had the pleasure of wearing it.

The Hamilton Ventura later sold at auction for $ 52,500 in 2012.


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