Life after death: Deceased loved-ones visit your dreams as 'younger version of themselves'

Life after death: Deceased loved-ones visit your dreams as 'younger version of themselves'

They are characterised by the appearance of deceased loved ones in dreams, who often convey messages of reassurance and hope. The dreams often seem very real and can help people come to terms with their grief. Tree Carr, author of the book ‘DREAMS: How to Connect with Your Dreams to Enrich Your Life’, claims that such dreams bring “amazing amounts of healing and closure.”
On her YouTube channel Lucid Dream Tree, she describes the pattern and rhythms of these visitations dreams.

They are normally very brief and vivid and the interaction with the deceased person is “quite positive”.

Ms Carr continues: “Usually the deceased loved one appears to be a healthier or perhaps younger version of themselves before they died.

“Usually there is a brief conversation.

“The conversation usually goes along the lines of ‘how are you? I am very well, now I am quite happy.’

“Or the conversation even could be that the deceased loved one is giving a message or saying ‘I am always here with you’ – some sort of reassuring kind of message.”

Psychic Anne Reith argues that deceased loved ones visit us in our dreams because it easier for spiritual entities to communicate with us while we are sleeping.

On her website, she then describes a visitation by her deceased mother in a dream she had 20 years ago, while going through a very stressful period in her life.

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“I watched in fear as the tree came crashing through the roof toward us both.

“But before it hit us, the tree split in two pieces and fell on either side of us.

“From the moment she appeared in the dream, she was staring into my eyes.

“She didn’t say a word, but she very clearly communicated to me that all would be well in my waking world, and she was going to do what she could to protect me during this stressful time in my life.”

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