When will Spain be added to the green list?

Spain has long been the European favourite of UK holidaymakers. While the summer holiday period isn’t quite in full swing yet due to ongoing travel restrictions, keen travellers are eagerly awaiting for the announcement that Spain will be added to the green list for travel.
Those travelling from green list countries are not required to quarantine on their return, only needing to have proof of a negative test to travel.

Portugal is currently the only major viable tourist destination on that list.

Spain is still on the amber list of countries, meaning a quarantine period at home is required for travellers from the Mediterranean country.

On Times Radio, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said an amber list country was “not free and open travel” and “we ask people not to go to these places for holidays”.

Asked why holidays were still being sold to countries on the amber list, Mr Shapps said the Government had moved away from a system where things were “banned and illegal” to a situation where people were expected to “apply a bit of common sense”.

The UK Government has been widely criticised for what some see as confusing messaging, with travel to amber list countries, such as Spain, permitted, but at the same time being actively discouraged by ministers.

“I know it’s been an incredibly tough year and there are extreme circumstances where people will feel that it is the right thing to do – perhaps because they have a sick family member and some extreme situations where they’ll travel in the orange category.

“But by and large we are just asking people to be a little bit patient as other countries catch up with our world-leading vaccination programme and then people will be able to, I hope, travel.

“We are returning to a world which looks more normal, I hope.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

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