Corbyn speaks at rally where the Israeli flag was set on fire and Hitler placards spotted

Corbyn speaks at rally where the Israeli flag was set on fire and Hitler placards spotted

Corbyn speaks at rally where the Israeli flag was set on fire and Hitler placards spotted

The Israeli flag was burned at the protest, which organisers claimed was one of the biggest in support of Palestine in British history. They claimed 180,000 people gathered near London’s Victoria Embankment and proceeded to march on Hyde Park.

Here they listened to speeches including by Mr Corbyn and former shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

However, there was outrage on social media after some placards referenced the Nazis or the Holocaust.

One said: “Stop doing what Hitler did to you!”

Another described Israel’s actions as “Holocaust Part 2”.

Video posted online showed flags of Israel, the world’s only Jewish majority state, being burned.

The protest went ahead despite the beginning of a ceasefire in Gaza which ended 11 days of conflict.

At least 230 militants and civilians in Gaza were killed by Israel air strikes whilst 12 civilians died in Israel from rocket attacks.

Violence saw militants launch thousands of rockets towards Israel from Gaza whilst the Israeli’s responded with artillery and air power.

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“We have considered the rights of the group to protest and also our duty to keep the wider community safe.”

Other British cities also saw pro-Palestine protests including Manchester, Nottingham and Edinburgh.

A number of prominent writers spoke out following reports of anti-Semitic imagery at some demonstrations.

Dan Hodges tweeted: “OK, I’m going to ask this again.

“When are we going to start treating the racism of the pro-Palestinian campaign groups in the same way we would treat the racism of organisations like the EDL and the BNP?”

Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard said: “It is perfectly possible to have a pro-Palestinian rally that isn’t full of antisemitic hate speech.

“It’s just that whenever there is one, it is.

“Those who organise the rallies never, ever do anything to stop this.”

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which organised Saturday’s march, has said anti-Semitism is not welcome at its demonstrations.

Earlier this week, following reports of anti-Semitic incidents, Mr Corbyn tweeted: “Those who use human rights abuses as licence for antisemitic hate only undermine their cause.

“I have always condemned antisemitism & will continue to.”

Jeremy Corbyn and the event organisers the Palestine Solidarity Campaign have been approached for comment.

Mr Corbyn MP and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign have been contacted by for comment.

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