Prince Harry's 'second attack on Royal Family was a mistake', claims Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley, 65, has argued that Prince Harry’s “second attack on his family” in his explosive interview with Dax Shepard, on the Armchair Expert podcast, was a “mistake”. The ITV presenter, who is a patron for Alzheimer’s Society, spoke out on the Duke of Sussex’s appearance on the podcast in an exclusive interview with, claiming that his critical comments were “unfair” on the Royal Family. 
“It’s not the same as losing your mother at [a young age], but we all have our crosses to bear.”

Richard went on to say that despite Harry’s struggles following the loss of his mum Princess Diana, he “needs to take a step back” after speaking out against his family in several interviews with both Dax and Oprah Winfrey.

He claimed: “But I do think that he does need to step back and just think a little bit harder before he opens his mouth. 

“I think, for example, the second attack on his family in the podcast was a mistake. 

“But certainly when it comes to parenting, if I have experienced some kind of pain or suffering because of the pain or suffering that perhaps my father, or my parents had suffered, I’m going to make sure I break that cycle so I don’t pass it on.

“As parents we should be doing the most we can to say, you know what, that happened to me, I’m going to make sure it won’t happen to you.”

He appeared to discuss Prince Charles again by adding: “Suddenly I started to piece it all together, and go: OK so this is where he went to school, this is what happened, I know this bit about his life, I also know that’s connected to his parents. 

“So that means he’s treating me to the way that he was treated which means… how can I change that for my own kids?

“And now here I am. I have moved my whole family to the US. 

“That wasn’t the plan! But sometimes you have to make decisions and put mental health first.”

Harry also spoke of his reluctance to participate in his royal duties in his 20s because of “what it did to his mum”, who died aged 36 when she was killed in a car accident in Paris.

The incident has been blamed on paparazzi who were chasing the car the Princess was in at the time.

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This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

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