Great British Sewing Bee's Andrew from Hull sews last stitch in show

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Hull’s Andrew Aspland sewed his last stitch in The Great British Bee last night after his festive party frock failed to find favour with the judges.

Bumpy seams and detachable bows, one of which fell off a sleeve while the dress was being modelled in the finale of the BBC One show, were the undoing of the popular maths teacher.

With judge Esme Young known as a fan of large, statement bows and fellow judge Patrick Grant declaring himself “less fond” of the colour purple, Andrew said while creating his made-to-measure velvet dress: “Small bows and purple, I am going for a real judges’ winner, aren’t I?”

Earlier in the show, Andrew, 54, had been placed third out of the remaining six stitchers in the challenging pattern round to create a flannel shirt in the style of the traditional North American lumberjack, even though his collar was “very untidy” and he had had problems matching the fabric at the front.

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Show host Joe Lycett reads Andrew's palm during the transformation challenge
Show host Joe Lycett reads Andrew’s palm during the transformation challenge

And he did even better in the transformation round, when the stitchers were tasked with creating any garment from up to five scarves.

His “medieval” dress created in 90 minutes, which the judges agreed would be “a good disguise in Sherwood Forest”, earned him second place, being all the more impressive, they said, because of the lace-up back he had created with yarn unravelled from one of the scarves.

Andrew’s festive winter party dress, which he thought had an ecclesiastical vibe – “we live in a vicarage, so everything has an ecclesiastical look to it” – also gave him problems with darts at the back, which he struggled to make symmetrical.

After the bow fiasco mid-walk, Patrick also noted puckering around the dress zip but added that even though he didn’t love purple, Andrew’s creation had a regal feel to it.

“It wasn’t very good, was it?” said Andrew on hearing he was following another East Yorkshire contestant, Catherine Tosler-Waudby, in leaving the sewing room.

“I am a bit gutted, but it was my time this time,” he said. “It has been great getting to know these guys, they have got so much talent and knowledge between them.

“It is going to be a bit of a wrench to leave everyone, but I am proud of myself and it has been a really terrific experience, a chance of a lifetime.”

Patrick said: “We will miss your terrible dad jokes. I’m really sad to see Andrew leave, he has been such a joyous personality in the sewing room but today his usually impeccable sewing skills just deserted him.”

Andrew at work on his made to measure creation, a festive winter party dress in purple velvet
Andrew at work on his made to measure creation, a festive winter party dress in purple velvet

Another Humber region competitor, Rebecca, 23, a supermarket worker from Scunthorpe, goes through to the quarter final of the show next week.

The Great British Sewing Bee continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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