Spain holidays: Mallorca to open all hotels despite travel list uncertainty

Over 95 percent of hotels in Palma de Mallorca will be open by end of June, according to the city’s hotel association. Forty-five hotels are currently operating and it has reported that 67 more will be reopening by the end of the month.
Despite being Spain on the amber list, the Balearic Islands have seen thousands of Britons arriving this last week.

The green travel list review will take place on June 3, and Spain hopes to be included this time.

The Canary and the Balearics Islands have asked the Government to be treated separately and to be added to the green list even if mainland Spain doesn’t make it.

Although the Government is considering all the options, according to reports, some of Britain’s favourite island holiday destinations, including Ibiza and Mallorca, could stay on the amber list.

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That is because there are concerns regarding the UK Border controls as the influx of holidaymakers increases.

A source explained to the Times: “The Balearics are hugely popular and the Government is worried about opening up too quickly.

“Opening up to the Balearics would mean a huge increase in Brits leaving the UK.

“There are fears that opening up to hugely popular destinations like the Balearics would overwhelm Border Force while the 100 percent passenger location form checks remain in place.”


Just a few days ago, controversial images were seen at Palma Airport with agglomerations of passengers waiting for passport control.

There were big crowds of people without any safety distance, in an airport that clearly lacked personnel.

Mallorca airport assured that it was a specific moment due to the arrival of different international flights at the same time and that the agglomeration disappeared in a matter of 15 minutes.

However, many worry that the situation could become unsustainable once the real tourism boom begins.

Mallorca remains positive about the UK Government’s plans and has decided to reopen almost all the hotels in the island.

Palma’s tourist board said the city’s restaurants, galleries and other attractions will also be open and “ready to welcome UK travellers again”.

Business owners in Mallorca are anxiously waiting to see what happens next week and whether the Balearic Islands are finally included on the green list so Britons can avoid quarantine when they come back.

The situation in other holiday spots around Spain is very different.

In Benidorm, for example, only 30 percent of the hotels have reopened, and the city is struggling due to the lack of tourism despite being one of the regions in Spain with fewer Covid cases.

The country opened its borders to Britons last week and tourists don’t need to provide a Covid-19 test when entering anymore.

However, it is still on the amber list, and many holidaymakers can’t afford to quarantine for 10 days on their return to the Uk.

An expat living in Benidorm explained that the city has been severely hit by the pandemic due to the lack of tourism and that despite being Spanish borders opened again for Britons, the beaches are still empty.

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