Sturgeon’s ‘draconian restrictions’ causing 'irreparable' damage to Scottish restaurants

On Friday, Scotland’s first minister angered local business owners in the country’s most populous city, which is home to over 600,000 people, after deciding to keep Glasgow in a level three lockdown over fears of spreading the Indian variant. Under current restrictions, people are not allowed to meet in each other’s homes and hospitality venues such as restaurants and cafes cannot serve alcohol indoors.
Writing a comment for The Herald, Joanna Blythman, an investigative food journalist, condemned the actions of the Scottish Government writing that Holyrood had enacted “draconian restrictions” on a hunch.

She said: “Unless the Government sees sense and starts demonstrating solid support, we Scots will regress to eating ‘muck off a truck’ like we did in the 1970s.”

She added that the Scottish Government’s constant lockdowns and restrictions have “taken a wrecking ball” to Scotland’s hospitality industry and said the “damage may be irreparable”.

She wrote: “Our MSPs, few of whom have any experience of self-employment, running a business, or catering, have gone along with it like sheep.”

According to statistics cited by Ms Blythman, around one in ten restaurants have already closed permanently in Scotland and fewer than half are currently trading.

A further 8 percent are not expected to last another three months as businesses struggle to serve customers with their dwindling cash reserves.

Restaurants in Glasgow have been suffering after spending roughly 270 days under tough restrictions with many criticising Holyrood for their lack of financial support.

Travel in and out of the city has become heavily restricted as well as overseas tourism.

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Meanwhile, the Indian variant has been reported in roughly two postcodes of the city and account for roughly half the number of new cases.

Nicola Sturgeon and her deputy first minister, John Swinney both said that cases of the variant were at “an uncomfortably high level” but said it showed promise of stabilising.

The First Minister added that if cases continue to stabilise and hospitalisations remain stable, then experts would “support” a move to Level 2 from next Saturday.

Ms Sturgeon said a decision on the matter would be confirmed by Wednesday at the latest.

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