How competitive is getting a job now after pandemic layoffs?

How competitive is getting a job now after pandemic layoffs?

SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — The San Marcos Premium Outlets are hiring and promoting its open positions heavily until June 2.

But how competitive is it to land a job this summer now that some who were laid off might be trying to re-enter the workforce?

Patrick Gorman is a senior at Texas State University. He spent the end of his week driving around town looking for a summer job. He heard about openings at the San Marcos Premium Outlets.

“I printed off like, 12 copies of my resume, then just went into various stores,” Gorman said.

Gorman told KXAN he didn’t expect it to be so competitive.

“I was thinking I’d be kind of early on the curve to where there hadn’t been a bunch of hired people… though I did find about half the stores had already filled that gap,” Gorman said.

The San Marcos Premium Outlets couldn’t say whether it’s seeing more seasoned, experienced applicants competing against high school and college students like Gorman.

However, the San Marcos Public Library said there are a number of people it’s helping who are re-entering the workforce after pandemic layoffs. Many are seeking new opportunities.

“I’m finding that a lot of people are transitioning in their careers right now,” San Marcos Public Services librarian Deborah Carter said.

Carter said young people should stay optimistic.

“Some companies are looking for youthful, fresh faces behind the counter,” Carter said. “So, in some ways, there is an advantage.”

The San Marcos Premium Outlets has more than 50 jobs at 40 different stores ranging from a brand ambassador to assistant manager.

“Square shoulders, eye contact — you’ll definitely get a job,” Gorman said.

That’s Gorman’s advice. He walked away with an offer on the spot, excited for his new role.

Author: Jala Washington
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

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