Fortnite Season 7 is coming out with Aliens and special Season 6 end event

Epic Games are planning big things for the start of Fortnite Season 7, which is expected to kick off around June 8. Epic Games might also choose to wait a little longer and kicks things off on June 10

No exact release date or time has been announced yet, but if everything stays on track, we should hear more about it very soon.

Gamers are expecting to see Aliens pop up during Season 7, or at least factor into the overarching storyline in some way.

Clues have already started to appear on the island, with new Crop circles heralding the arrival of some new characters.

What will be interesting is to see how Epic Games decides to handle the Fortnite Season 6 end event.

Live events are extremely popular in Fortnite and are a big part of the storytelling mechanics for each season.

The start of Fortnite Season 6 was a little different, with Epic Games choosing to mix up the usual formula.

Instead of needing to tune in at a specific time, Epic made it possible to participate in the Fortnite Season 6 event when they had updated their game.

A message shared by the Fortnite team at the time explains: “Chapter 2 Season 6 launches on March 16 with the explosive conclusion of the events of Season 5. When you first launch into the new Season, you’ll play through the conclusion of Agent Jones’ mission in the Zero Crisis Finale. The aftermath of this event is sure to shape Reality as we know it.

“Don’t worry, the Zero Crisis Finale is a solo experience and you can play through it whenever you first log in during the Season. Want to watch it online first? 

But that doesn’t mean there will be a traditional Fortnite live event. Instead, Epic Games could choose to share another intromission, complete with cinematic live event content.

While there might not be a traditional live event, Epic Games could still have some surprises planned.

There are reports that players are being abducted, and while that might have been switched on early this could herald the start of something special.

While a live event might not happen in the same way as in the past, Epic Games could add some nice elements to the existing servers to make for a different experience.

And at the end of the day, that kind of interaction is what gamers who drop into Fortnite regularly, enjoy.

We can expect more news from Epic Games in the coming days if they stick to the Battle Pass countdown and begin Fortnite Season 7 on June 7, June 8 or June 10.

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