Premium Bonds: Have you won in June 2021 prize draw? NS&I releases details of millionaires

Premium Bonds are a popular savings method available through NS&I which give Britons the chance to win big. Each month, under the lottery bond system, NS&I undertakes a prize draw which creates a whole host of winners. Today, there will be individuals who are starting their month off with a bang, as the millionaires’ details have been confirmed.
The first lucky millionaire was revealed to be a woman from Leicester, with a holding of £50,000.

Her winning Bond number was stated to be 404XK887196, and it was purchased less than a year ago in July 2020.

However, the second fortunate winner purchased their Bond a while ago, all the way back in November 2008.

The individual is a woman from Cleveland who has a Bond holding of £41,450.

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A total of five people will be waking up this morning £100,000 richer as the prizes have been released.

These individuals come from Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, South West Wales, Leeds and Inner London.

Some 10 people also secured a prize winning of £50,000 in the June 2021 draw.

One person even secured their £50,000 winning with a Bond worth just £50. 

This month, the prize fund for Premium Bonds stood at a staggering £91million.

NS&I stated this prize fund was shared between over 3.1million lucky winners, who secured a range of prizes.

A life-changing sum of money could be won from NS&I, but there are a range of prizes to be secured.

These range from the staggering £1million, all the way down to the tidy amount of £25.

Regardless of the sum, Premium Bonds holders are likely to want to check if they have secured a winning this month.

However, for those who cannot find their number on the high value winnings at present, or who want to double check, waiting a while longer is necessary.

This is because NS&I has said it is to update its prize checker tomorrow to help Britons see if they have won.

NS&I has stated that using the prize checker is the quickest way to find out if a person has won a prize.

It is available on the NS&I website, updated on the day after the first working day of each month.

The same information is also available via the NS&I Premium Bonds app on smartphone devices. 

Amazon Alexa-enabled devices can also be used to check for prize winnings. 

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