UFOs 'are real!' insists expert ahead of US intelligence report into unexplained sightings

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UFOs 'are real!' insists expert ahead of US intelligence report into unexplained sightings
US intelligence agencies are due to issue the results of a report following an official investigation into unidentified flying objects. The probe was launched after long discounted sightings by US Navy personnel were publically acknowledged by the US military as being “credible”. Speaking ahead of the US intelligence report publication, researcher Tom Rogan has claimed  that UFOs are very much “real.”
Mr Rogan told LBC’s Iain Dale: “I don’t really think it is a question of whether people believe in UFOs anymore.

“They are real, the issue is what quantity of them are real.

“That 99.9 percent probably are weather phenomena, a plane that gets misidentified or someone who is confused.

“But this small percentage is very real.”

He continued: “I would add to the point of this I am relatively early in my journalistic career and to get this wrong would be a huge credibility loss.

“So I am basing it on pilots I have talked to, people in the government who are studying the issue.

“My main interest point here though is the US Government, the reason why this is getting a lot more attention very quickly I think it is twofold.

“Number one the pilots have finally come out and spoken about it which for a long time they did not want to do because they would lose their flight qualifications.

“Filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha / July 15th 2019.

“This is corroborative electro-optic data demonstrating a significant UFO event series in a warning area off San Diego.”

In response to the footage, a Pentagon spokesperson told NBC: “I can confirm that the video you sent was taken by Navy personnel, and that the UAPTF included it in their ongoing examinations.

“I have no further information on it for you.”

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