Vaccines ARE working as UK records ZERO Covid deaths for 1st time in pandemic – huge boost

In a further boost for the UK’s vaccine programme, 43 deaths were reported across the last seven days – a 10.4 percent drop on the previous seven days. Due to the rapid rollout of vaccines, cases, deaths and hospital admissions have all dropped from the January peak. Indeed, according to the latest figures, almost 50 percent of the country have received the second dose of the vaccine. 

A further 74.9 percent have received the first dose of a vaccine in order to try and tackle the Indian variant. 

It is thought the Indian variant has taken hold of certain areas such as Bolton but not spread across the country. 

Areas such as Bolton, Blackburn and Darwen, Kirklees and Manchester have seen a rise in cases due to the variant. 

Due to pockets of the country experiencing outbreaks of the Indian variant, case levels have risen with 3,165 reported today. 

Hospital admissions did rise by 133, although numbers still remain low. 

By sending surge vaccination teams to certain hotspots, the Government hopes to curb the rise in cases. 

However, some experts have called on the Prime Minister to delay the June 21 date. 

Speaking to Sky News, professor Ravi Gupta, a member of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag), claimed June 21 was too early. 

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“We’ve got to a really good position and the easing has been well done so far.

“But we’ve obviously got this complicating factor which is this new virus that was identified in India which has a new set of properties that we did not anticipate happening.”

As it stands, however, the Government has not made a decision on delaying the June 21 date. 

A spokesman said today the Government sees nothing to suggest delaying the date. 

The spokesman said: “I was going to point to what the PM said on Thursday.

“The Prime Minister has said on a number of occasions that we haven’t seen anything in the data but we will continue to look at the data, we will continue to look at the latest scientific evidence as we move through June towards June 21.”

Last week Mr Johnson did insist the data had not suggested diverting from the date. 

He did add that the Government would need more data to make its final decision. 

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

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