'Many people are completely unaware' – Britons urged to see if they can claim up to £3,000

Those working from home for instance may be able to claim tax relief. Those who are required to wear uniforms, work clothing and purchase tools may also be able to claim tax relief for job expenses.

It doesn’t include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as there are different rules.

The Government explains: “You cannot claim tax relief for PPE.

“If your job requires you to use PPE your employer should either:

  • Give you PPE free of charge
  • Ask you to buy it and reimburse you the costs.”


Tax expert Tommy McNally, from Tommys Tax, recently highlighted how consumers may unknowingly be eligible for some big rebates.

“Make sure that you claim all your work expenses against tax,” he said.

“Many people are completely unaware that they can claim for things like costs associated with working from home, washing uniform or travel, which is going to be much more common place now.

“This is if you’re employed or your own boss.”

It includes details on how those who use vehicles – be it cars, vans, motorcycles or bicycles – for work could claim tax relief.

This doesn’t include travelling to and from work, unless it’s a temporary place of work.

How much a person can claim depends on whether they’re using:

  • A vehicle that they’ve bought or leased with their own money
  • A vehicle owned or leased by the employer (a company vehicle).

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Finance Feed

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