National Insurance: Britons issue warning as many receive arrest threat – 'so convincing!'

National Insurance scams have sadly become rife throughout the COVID-19 crisis, however, there will be some who have not yet experienced this. Scammers are stepping up their efforts to attack Britons, and it is important to be on guard against their tricks. The latest scam involves a phone call which people have reported receiving in recent hours and days.

If failing to do so, the caller says criminal proceedings will be started against an individual, and they could be forced to repay  thousands in fraudulent transactions.

As individuals are dealing with their National Insurance number, the caller may also ask a person to confirm this detail, as well as name, date of birth and address.

This is a simple way for the fraudster to harvest personal and sensitive information from the unsuspecting call recipient. 

It could go on to be used to try to gain access to accounts, or steal a person’s identity. 

It is important to note none of the information on this scam call is true, and so Britons should always put the phone down before they can be exploited.

People should never hand over any sensitive information, particularly as official Government organisations would never ask for a person to do so.

It may also be able to offer individuals advice about how to continue to protect themselves. 

Several individuals issued stark warnings about the National Insurance scam call via social media.

One person wrote: “I had it last week. Almost answered as it had a local code as the number.”

Another said: “All the ones I’ve had have come from numbers with the first eight digits the same as mine, oddly enough.”

A third individual penned: “Got yet another scam voicemail pretending to be NCA who were going to suspend my National Insurance number. These are annoying to me, but for someone who is vulnerable it could lead to ID theft. Always hang up, never press one.”

A fourth person warned: “Ignore them – it’s a scam! Your NI number doesn’t expire until you die.”

And one person who had sadly been victimised, warned others to stay alert.

They said: “This happened to me, and they ended up taking £100 from my account! They are so very bold.

“They were so convincing as well.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Finance Feed

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