The Galleria-area traffic alert

The Galleria-area traffic alert everyone in Houston needs to know about

The Galleria-area traffic alert

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Sorry, Houston! Your drive in the Galleria area is about to cause you some serious delays (and maybe a few headaches, too!)

Starting next week, two of the ramps to I-610 that are already sore spots for drivers are going to shut down for a while.

US-59 northbound ramp to I-610 West Loop northbound

On Thursday, June 3, crews will close the Southwest Freeway northbound connector ramp to I-610 West Loop northbound starting at 9 p.m.

TxDOT says this entire ramp will be closed in mid-summer for approximately six months to make room for the construction of the new ramp. The new connector is expected to be completed early next year.

US-59 southbound ramp to the I-610 West Loop northbound

On Wednesday, June 7, at 9 p.m. crews will close the I-69 southbound connector ramp to I-610 West Loop northbound.

The ramp will be closed for about two months to make room for the construction of the new one. The new ramp is slated for completion in fall of this year.

These ramps will both be closed at the same time, at least for a short time. The new ramps will be rebuilt in the exact same spot as the old ones, so crews simply can’t keep the old ramps open during construction.

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TxDOT says the contractor has incentives on this work so they stand to receive additional funds for early and on-time completion.

In the past several months, we’ve seen the opening of two new ramps: I-610 West Loop southbound to US-59 northbound and the ramp at I-610 West Loop northbound to US-59 southbound and Chimney Rock.

Still, this is a lengthy project.

Construction began at the interchange in September 2017 and is scheduled for completion in 2024.

Do you hate Houston traffic as much as we do? Join the club!

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