Inside chef James Martin's stunning home on James Martin's Saturday Morning

The chef showed off his spacious country abode with an indoor and outdoor kitchen, perfect for a chef. James often shares images on Instagram.

His fridge is covered in signatures and messages from guests.

The chef has a huge clock attached to his wall, so there is no excuse for over or under-cooking his food.

James’s outdoor kitchen, on the other hand, is a testimony to a more relaxed style of cooking.

He has a pizza oven, an essential for fans of the classic Italian dish.

He also has an outdoor grill and two ovens.

The area boasts a workbench, blue pendant lights, and lots of worktop space.

Sharing a picture of his garden, fans were treated to a glimpse of his rolling views.

He recently made a salsa and salad dressing perfect for BBQs.

James Martin’s summer salad dressing recipe is both a salad dressing and a salsa, he claimed. 

James advised making it using a pestle and mortar or a simple blender.

It was made with green tomatoes, garlic, gentlemen’s relish and lemon.

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