Princess Anne body language with Camilla shows change: 'Unwilling to be more than frosty'

Camilla joined the Royal Family when she married Prince Charles in 2005.

Although the royals knew each other for years before, it was not until after this date Princess Anne and Camilla were regularly seen together in public.

During one of their first outings, shortly after the wedding, body language expert Judi James suggested there was no obvious rapport between them.

“There seems to be a sense of exclusion here as Anne stands closer to her brother to apparently push Camilla out of the small group here, even raising her arm so that her elbow forms a barrier gesture,” she told

“Both Charles and Anne look grim-faced here, rather than sociable.

“At the poses after their wedding the Queen and Philip stood back and away from the couple on the steps, which prevented any happy family photographs being taken.

“It looks very much as though Anne is equally unwilling to look anything more than frosty here, too.”

Shortly after on a trip to the races, the expert suggested Camilla looked relaxed but Princess Anne was more “tense”.


She added: “Camilla’s chatty pose here suggests she’s now relaxed in Anne’s company and her erect thumbs as she speaks is a signal of pleasure and enthusiasm.

“Anne looks more tense, sitting with her bag on her lap in a barrier gesture that normally signals a desire to flee and her frown suggests she might have preferred more of a sport-related companion.”

However, Judi claimed any “tension” seen in their public body language relaxed over the following years.

Only a couple of years after joining the family, Camilla was seen sharing a joke with Princess Anne.

“This pose isn’t about social smiling, it shows two friends sharing a joke.

“Both appear delighted with one another’s company.

“These two women now seem more than happy to share a friendship that looks both warm and humour-based.

“It’s Charles who is more excluded now as they chat together using relaxed body postures and engaged eye contact.”

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