Daily horoscope for June 6: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The Moon will move into Taurus today. Having spent a little while in the fiery Aries, things might start to settle down. An Aries Moon can be rash and sometimes aggressive, but that is drawing to a close.

Now, the Moon is moving into the much calmer Taurus.

But that does not mean your emotions will start to settle.

In fact, when the Taurus Moon rises, it can be a time for romance.

You might even to begin a new attraction for someone today.

The Moon will also sextile with Venus today. Take some time to harness the positivity it is giving out.

When the Moon sextiles Venus, it can allow you to be more happy.

But it can also boost your ways of expressing your loving and affection.

Now could be the time to tell your crush how you feel about them.

Things could really be on the up if Jupiter plays its part.

The Moon will have a face off with Jupiter today which will set you in good stead.

When these two come together, you are blessed with courage and intellect.

The pair can also help people fulfil their needs and be emotionally happy.

You may even feel inspired to ask out your crush.

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