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Is Apex Legends DOWN: EA server status news

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Is Apex Legends DOWN: EA server status news

Is Apex Legends servers are down tonight, with gamers reporting a large EA status outage across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Thousands of reports are coming in regarding matchmaking issues when trying to play EA games.

Gamers have revealed that they can login but they can’t get past server queues or complete games tonight.

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One affected user reports: “It’s funny how the message says to check “my internet” and try again….yeah, this is my fault.”

Another adds: “For once it doesn’t seem to be affecting origin. guess it’s just Apex. Just got into the Dallas server, but none of the modes is loading… at least not yet.”

It’s unclear what is causing tonight’s outage or how long it might last on Apex Legends servers. From what has been shared so far, it looks like most reports are coming in from North America.


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Developers Respawn Entertainment has not shared any updates regarding what is causing tonight’s Apex issues, but more news is expected if the problems continue.

The most recent update for Apex Legends was released on June 3 and included the following changes:

  • Re-enables leaver penalties for Arenas.
  • It fixes some voice chat issues on Switch.
  • Grants all players the aforementioned #Pride badge.
  • Leaver penalties may take some time (up to 24 hours) to activate fully. Play on, Legends.

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Why is Apex Legends servers not functioning properly?

Apex Legends is most likely being blocked by Windows Firewall, which explains why the game isn’t launching properly. Make sure that Apex Legends connections are permitted through the Windows Firewall by running a check on it.

1) Open Control Panel in your computer.

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2) Click Windows Firewall (or Windows Defender Firewall).

How to Check Apex Legends servers working or not

Apex server status is displayed on the EA Help page for game servers running on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Major issues will be present and players should check here first.

The Apex Twitter account will also often broadcast connection and server problems. This is a good resource to verify, as it’s reliable and up-to-date. Specific difficulties are rarely made public, so smaller issues aren’t frequently discussed.

Apex’s popular servers are monitored by Down Detector, a third-party website. The outage map, timelines, and recent issues are available to the players. Players can let others know if they are still having troubles, or if the issue has been fixed.

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Is Apex Legends DOWN: EA server status news
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