Lloyds Bank warning on scam with potentially devastating outcome – 'account cleared out!'

Lloyds Bank warning on scam with potentially devastating outcome - 'account cleared out!'

Lloyds Bank is a familiar and trusted name, but cybercriminals are unfortunately exploiting this to target unsuspecting Britons. A recent scam involves an email being sent out to individuals, informing them they need to update their account information. And the consequences of falling for such a message could be significant.

But these websites are just spoofs of the real thing, and serve as a perfect base for fraudsters to harvest data.

Without the individual realising, the information they input into the website can be easily stolen and used for unscrupulous purposes.

This could involve Britons standing to lose large sums of money, or having their identity stolen.

Lloyds Bank took to its social media to confirm this correspondence is a scam.

The provider said its security team had been made aware of the issue, and that those who receive a message of this kind should delete it immediately.

If unsure about the legitimacy of a message, Lloyds Bank has told Britons to double check.

This can be done by calling the provider using the number on the back of one’s bank card.

The bank will then be able to help in checking whether an email or text message is a real one. 

Any scam emails should be forwarded to the Lloyds Bank team at [email protected]

The bank has confirmed it will never ask savers to share account details or PIN codes.

It will also never ask Britons to move money or transfer funds to a new account. 

Several people rang the alarm when it comes to scams which purport to be from Lloyds Bank.

One person warned: “My mum’s bank account has been cleared out by a scam! Lloyds Bank customers be careful!”

Another wrote: “I am a customer of yours, so if any other customers receive it, they might not realise it’s fake as quickly as I did.”

While a third commented: “Maybe it’s because I don’t even have a Lloyds Bank account – bless the scammers!”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Finance Feed


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