The UK Is Getting A Live Post-Mortem Experience

The UK Is Getting A Live Post-Mortem Experience
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There’s little doubting that Post-Mortem Live will be an intriguing examination of what occurs during an autopsy.

Participants will see what occurs when a pathologist carries out a post-mortem in cities all throughout the UK.

That makes sense, because you think medical students would best profit from this but anyone can go, so your next big outing is taken care of.

So, how is it done?

The host and his guests will witness an in-depth tour of the human body thanks to the globally renowned anatomy teacher, Samuel Piri.

The website says: “The only semi-synthetic human cadaver in the world, called VIVIT, was produced by Samuel.

The sole real-tissue licence in the UK allows the use of human anatomy teaching and training materials.

Post-Mortem Live examines the following areas to reveal how a person dies: dissection and study of the head and neck, abdomen and thorax, and, finally, a conclusion on how the death occurred.

it augments “The opportunity to learn hands-on with swine anatomical specimens placed in a mimicked human dissection.

With our state-of-the-art cadaver, we’ll take you very literally into the intestines of the post-mortem procedure where you’ll have the opportunity to conduct hands-on cadaveric dissections, and discover the cause of death.

To drive home the message, it is also defined as ‘an experience like no other’.

Post-mortem concerts will visit UK institutions, featuring genuine specimens.

Also, it counts as four hours of CPD, and in some cases, you may be allowed to use it as part of your employment or course.

NHS and Blue Light discounts are available. The ticket fee includes admittance and everything else required to participate in the event.

Basic PPE, masks, caps, gloves, printed anatomy diagrams, literature packets, specimens, and clinical consumables are all provided without charge.

Post-mortems are performed to discover how, when, and why someone died. They help pathologists better understand how disease spreads.

More than that, they help medical practitioners to understand diseases and ailments, allowing them to treat patients better.

Any suspicious, unexpected, or unnatural death mandates that a post-mortem is carried out by law.



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