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Emmanuel Macron slapped as he greets bystanders on latest outing ahead of G7 visit to UK

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Emmanuel Macron slapped as he greets bystanders on latest outing ahead of G7 visit to UK

Police in France have arrested two people after President Macron was struck across the face by a protestor while he mingled with the public during a visit to a town in southeastern France. Footage captured the moment the blow landed catching the French President utterly by surprise. Mr Macron was protected by metal barriers separating him from the crowd but the assailant managed to strike the world leader with his palm.

Mr Macron’s close protection team can be seen rushing in as the French President reeled from the blow.

He is quickly escorted away by a bodyguard while the gendarmerie moved in to evict his attacker.

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The protestor was heard yelling “down with Macronism!” as he struck.

Macron was visiting the town of Tain-l’Hermitage, in the Drôme department when the incident took place.

Macron’s political rival, Marine Le Pen of the National Rally party has condemned the assault.

Ms Le Pen released a statement saying: “It’s inadmissible to physically attack the President of the Republic

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“it’s a profoundly condemnable gesture.”

It comes as Frexit Campaigner Charles-Henris Gallois warned the French President his popularity is collapsing.

Mr Gallois said: “The main issue we are having in France is that we are part of the European Union.

“We are part of some projects like the Recovery France project that will money for France 80 billion euros to only receive 40 billion euros.

“That is not the only thing because there are links to reforms that will be imposed to the French.

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“It will have to do with some very unpopular reforms such as the pension one and the employment one.

“Emmanuel Macron will face bigger issues for this.

“There is also the COVID-19 crisis to consider as the political landscape is paralysed.

“Macron may be dealing with a very low approval rate because you don’t have so much opposition in France which is very difficult for the situation.”

Mr Gallois added that French citizens have grown disillusioned with the state’s reponse to coronavirus.

He said: “When you look at the details you can see that the French want to get back more of their sovereignty. If you look at the Covid-19 crisis, it is a sovereignty issue also.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: World Feed

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