England speedster Kyle Walker says squad is like a 'mini youth club' ahead of Euro 2020

If anybody steps out of line while on England duty, Man City speedster Walker challenges them to a foot race.

The Manchester City defender, at 31, is the elder statesmen of the England group – 14 years old than the youngest member Jude Bellingham.

But he is refusing to take any gyp from the young whipper-snappers.

“I’ve been with England for 11 years now so I must be doing something right to be called up at the age of 31,” the former Tottenham full-back said.

“I always say to the young ones, ‘You might think I’m old’ and they gave me a bit of stick when I shout ‘Oldest starts’ in the possession or games.

“But I say, ‘If any of you want to race me, I am more than happy…and I’ll probably give you a head start as well.’

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But regardless of the date of birth on his passport, most of the time Walkers prefers to be considered part of the young set. Especially when it comes to playing pranks.

“Everyone is in and out of each other’s rooms, making sure they are upbeat,” Walker reveals on official England podcast.

“We play pranks on each other and it’s kind of like a mini youth club.

“It’s everything. We have 26 men who are ruthless at every opportunity.

“You have to watch your back at all times but that’s good for the team and the spirit.

“When we get on that pitch and cross that white line, we know it’s serious and we need to work hard and be dedicated.

“But down time is down time, and we need to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible.

Although if the COVID bubble in which England have to operate gets too intense, as the oldest Walker feels he needs to be the most responsible.

“It’s going to take its toll,” he added. 

“You are going to go through tough moments.

“So I have said to the lads, ‘Please if you need anything or you are feeling down knock on my door.'”

Although before going in, they might want to check first there is not a bucket perched on top.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

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