Jason Momoa Season 2 against Dave Bautista! (trailer)

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Jason Momoa Season 2

Aquaman vs. Drax? DC or Marvel? The rumour has it that Apple plans to use Jason Momoa, who is quite well-known, to promote See Season 2.

See: a dreadful virus has exterminated humanity. They became blind. Only the blind remain in the world now. The goal has faded away. She is a myth until kids are born with sight. The primary antagonist is a powerful woman who has a specific goal of eliminating all the kids who have the ability to see.

The pilot of See was a pleasant surprise, but not a big surprise. To stand out, Apple knows it must knock hard for season 2. However, this matchup could bring in more than one fan. Season 2 will be released on AppleTV on August 27, 2021. We’ve already ordered Season 3.


Jason Momoa and Dave Bautisa will also face off when Denis Villeneuve returns to Dune. the See film series was written by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders). Hera Hilmar is also in the film.

By Henry Swanson
Source : FilmsActu


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