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Aggro Crab's 'Going Under' Gets Its Claws On A Physical Switch Release

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Going UnderAggro Crab

What’s this? Crab news, on a Monday? What has the world come to? Yes, Aggro Crab — makers of Going Under — have just announced that their literal boss-fighting game is getting a physical release on Switch and PS4.

The Limited Run Games E3 stream (also known as LGR3) was full of announcements for new physical releases (mostly of retro, or retro-style games), and Going Under’s physical release was nestled in there like a beautiful little crab egg. Going Under is an anti-capitalist, anti-internship dungeon crawler that’s stuffed with satire and puns, and we gave it a 7 when it released on Switch back in September 2020.

Going UnderAggro Crab

There’s no more information than that for the time being, but we’re hoping for some sweet crab merch in the collectors’ edition. Maybe a crab hat, or a shell that we can live in like a hermit crab.

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This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

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Aggro Crab's 'Going Under' Gets Its Claws On A Physical Switch Release
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