Call of Duty Cold War Patch Notes today: Warzone Season 4 update countdown

Call of Duty Cold War Patch Notes today: Warzone Season 4 update countdown

The Season 4 Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War update is launching today and the COD development team has shared some more juicy details.

While gamers will be most excited for the release of the Hijacked map and five new weapons, there is a lot of stuff that will change in the background.

As ever, most of the new content will be going live on Thursday, June 17, across PS4, Xbox One, PC and next-gen consoles.

But even if COD fans have to wait a little longer to get access to the big things, they will want to know about all the other changes.

A message from Treyarch explains: “This week, Season Four launches with an all-new Battle Pass loaded with 100 Tiers of in-game content.

“Pick up the Battle Pass for instant access to the fearsome Perseus Operator “Jackal” unlocked at Tier 0, two free weapons, new Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, Vehicle Skins, and more to earn throughout the season.

“As always, we’re bringing a whole new arsenal to Black Ops Cold War this season, including the MG 82 LMG, the C58 assault rifle, and the Black Ops III favourite Nail Gun at launch, plus the OTs 9 SMG and Mace melee weapon dropping later in the season.

“The race to Prestige Master is on with four new Prestige Levels to achieve (16-19) sporting some of our most badass Prestige Icons yet.”

One big piece of the new Call of Duty Season 4 release will be the Ground Fall event going live across Cold War and Warzone.

Players will be able to participate in the new “Ground Fall” limited-time event, bringing a new set of challenges to complete for exclusive rewards, including a new Epic Secondary Weapon Blueprint.

The event ends June 24th, so make sure you complete those challenges before they’re gone for good. Another big piece of Season 4 is the launch of a new prologue quest in Zombies Outbreak, which will lead gamers towards the new map.

Named Operation Excision, the second Main Quest in Outbreak, will kick off worldwide at 10AM PT / 1PM ET on June 17th and provide the narrative prologue to “Mauer der Toten.”

So with Cold War Season 4 scheduled to begin at 5am BST on June 17, fans will have to wait until 6pm to access the new quest.

A message from Treyarch adds: “Now that players have braved the dangers lurking beneath the Ural Mountains, taken on the terrifying Legion, and foiled Omega’s plans for “Operatsiya Inversiya,” it’s time to take things up a notch. The hunt begins this Thursday.

“Also launching this week, Requiem agents will take on the undead in the new Zoo region and uncover a treasure trove of new collectable Intel that will complement the new Main Quest in driving the Dark Aether story forward.

“Be sure to search every corner and take on every objective to complete your Intel collection for the season. Players will also be able to unlock additional Treyarch Zombies tracks in the Music Player by completing “Unknown Signal” World Events in Outbreak.”

The full Cold War Season 4 patch notes can be found listed below, and come courtesy of developers Treyarch:



  • Ground Fall

    • “Ground Fall” limited-time event live through 10AM PT June 24.

    • Complete challenges in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone to earn Emblems, Calling Cards, a Weapon Charm, bonus XP, and an Epic Secondary Weapon Blueprint.

Battle Pass



  • MG 82

  • C58

  • Nail Gun

Weapon Unlock Challenges

  • PPSh-41

  • Swiss K31

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