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Amouranth and Indiefoxx Banned As both streams went down at the same time

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Amouranth and Indiefoxx Banned

Twitch has banned ASMR streamers Amouranth, Indiefoxx, ExoHydraX, and more. Based on who the targets are and that all of the bans came at once, it appears Twitch has decided to ban these streamers for their involvement in the new “ASMR TikTok Leggings Yoga Meta”, which is often referred to as the “ASMR Meta.”

This, too, followed the Hot Tub Meta, as most of the streamers were involved once again. As you may recall, Amouranth and IndieFoxx founded the Hot Tub Meta, and they were central to the latest ASMR Meta as well. Because of the trouble they have had, the platform has permanently banned them.

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As of this time, Twitch has not said anything regarding the new meta beyond these bans. As you may remember, addressing the equally controversial Hot Tub meta was difficult, so there’s a good chance this won’t change soon, and there’s also a chance it won’t change at all if these bans eliminate the meta.

twitch banned

This is where the bannings come in; many in the Twitch community have been outspoken against it, and Twitch has thus far had no response.

This is Twitch’s only current action, and to date, it remains to be seen if the trend has any larger consequences for the platform.

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We will keep you updated if Twitch releases a statement or takes any other follow-up actions. Additionally, please leave a comment telling us what you think. What reasons would Twitch have to ban these ASMR streamers?

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Amouranth and Indiefoxx Banned As both streams went down at the same time
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