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‘I suffered in silence’ Chris Kamara on life-long medication as he gives update on health

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‘I suffered in silence’ Chris Kamara on life-long medication as he gives update on health

Chris Kamara feared he had dementia after he suffered from brain fog and slurred speech. After getting the all-clear following a brain scan, he had a blood test and was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. In a new interview with his son Jack, the 63-year-old football pundit said he was too embarrassed to speak out about his symptoms and “suffered in silence” for 20 months.

He said: “I didn’t want to believe what was going on in my body and my mind.

“I suffered in silence for 20 months, even though people were saying along the way, ‘He’s not himself’, I would just bat it away and say, ‘No I’m fine’.

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“I would say for a good 14 months I kept it to myself.”

Chris added he had “good and bad days” as his symptoms were sometimes “easy to deal with”.

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Chris first spoke out about his diagnosis on Steph’s Packed Lunch in April.

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He revealed that his wife grew concerned when he couldn’t remember details about his own album on The One Show.

“I was on with Alex Jones and Michael Ball, I did the menu for the show live and not a problem,” he spilled.

“Michael talked to me about the Christmas album and said, ‘Name some of the songs’ and my mind had gone completely blank and I couldn’t think of anything.

“That was the first time my wife said to me, ‘There’s something not quite right, you need to get it checked out’.”

Chris has since urged others to get checked if they have any concerns about their health.

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According to the NHS, symptoms of an underactive thyroid include feeling tired all the time, gaining weight and being sensitive to cold.

Treatment involves taking daily hormone replacement tablets, called levothyroxine, to raise your thyroxine levels.

Research from Pharmacy2U reveals that an estimated 14.7 million men in Britain don’t go to the doctor even when they suffer worrying symptoms.

The study shows that a quarter of men think they can fix the problem themselves, one in eight men feel too embarrassed to see a doctor and one in ten say they are too anxious to talk about their symptoms. Three in ten men are also currently hiding conditions from their family.

The age group of 45-to-54-years-old is most likely to avoid seeking medical attention. Chris is amongst the age group of 55+ which came in second, followed by 35 to 44 years and 25 to 34 years. Over one in four Brits admitted they don’t know how to talk about their health worries, with three in ten currently hiding conditions from their friends and family.

Two thirds say they have googled symptoms and one third try to find reassurance online.

Phil Day, Superintendent Pharmacist at Pharmacy2U, commented: “With lockdown rules changing, and many prioritising catching up with family and friends, it’s important to remember to look after your health too. Onerous life admin tasks like reordering your prescription or booking a doctor’s appointment take up much less time now thanks to apps and technology. Put yourself first, get checked out, get your prescriptions automatically sent to your door, and get on with enjoying life.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

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‘I suffered in silence’ Chris Kamara on life-long medication as he gives update on health
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