Sack him Boris! 'Useless' Hancock told to go after claim he withheld positive vaccine news

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Sack him Boris! 'Useless' Hancock told to go after claim he withheld positive vaccine news

A study by Public Health England (PHE) was released on June 14 and concluded the vaccines offered “significant protection against hospitalisation from the delta variant”. The Health Secretary is alleged to have known about the findings on June 10 – three days before the Prime Minister ultimately decided to delay the June 21 “Freedom Day” by four weeks.

On June 13, Mr Johnson chaired a virtual meeting from the G7 in Cornwall with the Health Secretary, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove and agreed to halt the roadmap.

Sources say Downing Street was only informed about the positive PHE study via an email a couple of hours before the Covid summit.

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The Health Secretary did not raise the PHE findings, nor was the data included in any briefing papers, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

Now, the Prime Minister has been told to sack the Health Secretary, claiming he is a “danger” to public health.

One person tweeted: “I think it’s time for change.”

Another Twitter user accused the Health Secretary of being “drunk with power” and believes he is “invincible”.

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Someone else said: “Open war now between Boris and Hancock.

“If Boris had a spine he’d sack him, but as we saw last Monday he doesn’t….”

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Another commenter said: “I’ll say it again: Matt Hancock is an utter disgrace.

“How he’s been able to stay in his post is a complete mystery to me.

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“The man is a lockdown fundamentalist.”

Someone else urged the Health Secretary to “resign” and said: “Resign. You are a criminal and a danger to public health.”

Another person tweeted: “Boris Johnson are you going sack him then?

“No, of course you’re not.”

Steve Baker, the deputy chairman of the Covid Recovery Group of Conservative MPs, claimed the Prime Minister may have been “bounced” into extending coronavirus restrictions.

He said: “Either Matt Hancock thought this data was insignificant or he thought it should be withheld from the Prime Minister and other key ministers.

“Either way, the mind boggles at what conversation must now be necessary with the Prime Minister, and I feel confident it will be a matter of interest to my colleagues on the relevant select committees.

“If Matt Hancock was deliberately withholding relevant information, what was he trying to gain? Was the Prime Minister bounced?

“To send an email so late in the day is an act of opposition.

“It’s the sort of thing we do to Labour MPs before appearing in their constituencies to campaign.

“It’s not what a Health Secretary should do to a Prime Minister.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

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Sack him Boris! 'Useless' Hancock told to go after claim he withheld positive vaccine news
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