'We've been sailed down the river!' UK farmers' Brexit fury as industry 'thrown under bus'

A lifelong Conservative Party voter and farmer has claimed he is close to turning his back on the party due to feeling “lied to” over Brexit’s potential impact on the farming industry. The farmer added that the UK Government has thrown multiple industries “under the bus” following the conclusion of Brexit.

One farmer said: “Brexit I hoped would make a big change in the way people buy from Britain again.

“But we’ve been sailed down the river as farmers.”

She continued: “We’re just going to be something that they brush aside because let’s face it for them farming now is not that important.

“That is how we feel as farmers.

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“We feel farming has been brushed aside but again it’s through the back door.”

A second farmer said: “I can’t believe as a life-long Conservative voter, I stand at the moment thinking I would be very, very unlikely to vote Conservative again at the moment.”

He told ByLine Times: “Brexiteers said this would a great new world and we would be able to export all over the world.

“We just feel lied to basically.

Ms Mummery said: “The broken promises that our Prime Minister gave us are soul-destroying.

“I get lots of Remainers saying you know what you voted for and you knew this was going to happen.

“I truly believed Boris…I had a meeting with him where he said if we leave the EU we will take everything back.

“I believed him…and that is what hurts me too.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

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