Days After Launch, Mushihimesama Has Been “Temporarily Suspended” From Sale On Switch (Europe)


Last week, we reported on the launch of Cave’s acclaimed shooter, Mushihimesama. After an appearance in the Japanese Nintendo Direct, the game surprise-launched on the Switch eShop, ready for retro shooter fans to download and enjoy immediately after the show.

Unfortunately, since that launch, the game has disappeared from the European eShop. Its removal was first spotted by fans yesterday, meaning it was only available in the region for six days before being pulled; the game’s publisher, Live Wire, has acknowledged its disappearance, stopping short of providing any explanation.

When we see games mysteriously vanish from the eShop like this, it’s often down to an issue regarding its age rating. If you were hoping to download the game to give it a go, you might just have to be patient – although it does appear to be available as normal in other regions if you have a North American or Japanese account, for example.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

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