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EE v Vodafone v Three: Don't miss these bargain SIM deals as time is running out

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EE v Vodafone v Three: Don't miss these bargain SIM deals as time is running out

If your phone contract has come to end and don’t fancy an upgrade to a new handset, then it’s a very good idea to make the switch over to a SIM-only plan. These deals will always be cheaper as they don’t include a fee for the handset. When you take out a smartphone plan, a chunk of the monthly price goes towards the cost of the handset, but once the deal ends you no longer need to fork out for those higher costs.

Crucially, if you don’t take the time to switch from a previous phone contract – or upgrade to a new handset – your network will continue to charge the same monthly bill, even though you’ve paid the full bill for the smartphone at the end of the 24-months contract.

All of the major networks offer SIM-only deals and right now there are some big bargains to be bagged, including offers that include fully unlimited data which means your Netflix binge should never come to a stuttering halt and you won’t be charged extra to add more internet access as it will never run out.

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Perhaps one of the best unlimited data deals comes from Three, which is offering six months at half the usual price. That means you’ll pay just £10 per month for six months then £20 for the remainder of the contract. This deal also includes access to 5G speeds plus unlimited calls and texts.


Along with Three, Vodafone has also dropped the cost of its unlimited Max SIM which also features all-you-can-eat 5G data. It now costs £25 per month which save £120 over the term of the contract.

Vodafone Max includes 51 roam-free destinations and the fastest speeds possible via the firm’s 5G network which could mean downloads are whizzed to the device at over 200Mbps. This Vodafone offer ends on July 25 so you’ll need to be quick

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Next up it’s SMARTY who is offering unlimited data at a discounted price. The Three-powered network has its SIM for just £18 per month which saves £2 off the standard price. You also get unlimited calls and texts plus there’s no long-term contract to sign meaning you can leave at any time. This SMARTY deal ends on July 13.


If your chosen network is EE then there’s a very tempting deal currently available via its website. There’s unlimited data, but the offer includes 160GB of fast 5G for just £20 per month which is pretty good considering EE is one of the pricer networks to join.


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There’s also a very similar offer from O2 with the network also dishing out 120GB of data for £20 although this deal also includes free Disney+ for six months.


This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

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EE v Vodafone v Three: Don't miss these bargain SIM deals as time is running out
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