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Woman drives off from armed man who impersonated a deputy, Waller Co. Sheriff's Office says

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Woman drives off from armed man who impersonated a deputy, Waller Co. Sheriff's Office says
WALLER COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — Law enforcement officials in Waller County believe someone driving an unmarked sedan with red and blue emergency lights on top of its roof is not one of their own.

The county’s sheriff’s office is trying to make that clear in the wake of the mystery driver reportedly pulling a gun on a woman over the weekend, as well as a possible second encounter early Wednesday morning in Brookshire.

According to the Waller County Sheriff’s Office, the vehicle, which is possibly a Dodge Charger, equipped with the emergency lights, pulled another driver over in the 25000 block of Joseph Road, near FM 1488, in Hockley at about 10 p.m. on June 19.

Deputies said the operator of the sedan approached the female victim’s vehicle with a gun drawn and pointed at her while he ordered her to get out.

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The woman instead took off and drove to a family member’s home.

The victim may have been followed, but deputies add the mystery driver didn’t follow her all the way to the home.

“We know that it was not a WCSO vehicle and believe that it could possibly be someone impersonating a police officer. Please be aware that the WCSO does not conduct traffic stops using unmarked vehicles,” the sheriff’s office said of the incident on its Facebook page.

Deputies add their vehicles are “clearly and plainly marked” and personnel “will be in clearly identifiable uniforms.”

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The sheriff’s office is also looking into another report out of Brookshire involving a vehicle with the same characteristics described in the Hockley incident.

Deputies posted on Facebook about the possible encounter in the area of FM 362 and FM 359. However, the Waller County sheriff told Eyewitness News on Wednesday that it’s not being considered an official incident due to the driver in this latest report not yet submitting a complaint.

Waller County is asking others to remain vigilant. If you are pulled over and are unsure of who it is, deputies advised you to call 911 or dispatch at 979-826-8282.

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Author: Erica Simon

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Woman drives off from armed man who impersonated a deputy, Waller Co. Sheriff's Office says
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