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Elvis Presley: ‘Unusual’ aspect of Graceland’s dining room The King kept when he moved in

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Elvis Presley: ‘Unusual’ aspect of Graceland’s dining room The King kept when he moved in

Elvis Presley famously lived at Graceland from 1957-1977 and made a number of additions and changes to the property including the Jungle Room. The Memphis mansion was previously owned by the Moore family and there was one “unusual” part of the home that The King kept the same. This “unique” aspect of Graceland is located in its dining room to this day.

Earlier this year, Express.co.uk took part in a virtual live tour of the Graceland mansion that was expertly guided by in-house archivist Angie Marchese.

While in the dining room, she pointed out the two buddha statues at the end of the room on either side, sitting on shelves in the corners.

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Angie said: “Now the really cool thing about this is these built-in bookshelves and buddhas were here when Elvis bought Graceland, which is so unusual.

“So the Moores actually had these here and Elvis just loved them.”

When Lisa Marie is at Graceland, the staff turn on the 1970s era kitchen appliances, which are kept off during tours for fire safety.

Angie also shared how Elvis’ daughter likes to sit in the porch area just outside The Jungle Room.

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It’s the same spot that The King’s grandmother Minnie Mae like to relax in, which isn’t surprising considering the view of the horses.

After the tour’s conclusion, a fan asked Angie: “When Priscilla and Lisa Marie visit Graceland do they listen to records on the jukebox in the TV room and do any of the family members play either the piano in the Music Room or the one in the Racquetball court? And do they ever swim in the pool?”

Angie said: “They have listened to music in the house, but not in the jukebox on the record players.

“I have never seen any of the family play the pianos.

“But we do keep them tuned and clean to preserve them as instruments in case they want to.

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“No swimming in the pool either. Their favourite thing to do is ride golf carts all over the property.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

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Elvis Presley: ‘Unusual’ aspect of Graceland’s dining room The King kept when he moved in
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