Regent Street shut down by ravers as thousands flood central London in protest

Shocking videos posted on Twitter showed crowds breaking social distancing rules to dance to rave music. Hundreds of revellers held their hands in the air as the throbbing music played from a truck outside of the street’s iconic Hugo Boss store.

Others held placards – many of which criticised the current lockdown.

One read: “I wanna go dancing with you all night dancing.”

A video of the scene was shared on the social media platform and captioned: “Ravers proceed down Regent Street #saveourscene.”

It appears that the event was planned by people within the rave community who are angry about the ongoing lockdown.

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Others shared conspiracy theories including that the virus was fake and was just a ploy by the government to control people.

One wrote: “Take your FREEDOM BACK !!!”

Another said: “​A vaccine for a virus that’s never been isolated or proven to exist.”

Meanwhile a third said: “Proof (of) no virus.”

Another Twitter account called The Rave Network shared a video of the illegal gathering this afternoon.

It said: “Scenes in London right now. #SaveOurScene.”

Lockdowns have hit the UK’s rave scene badly.

Many large scale music events have been cancelled since the pandemic erupted – much to the annoyance of the scene’s dedicated fan base.

Many had hoped that after June 21 “Freedom Day” they would be able to return to their favorite pastime.

Unfortunately for them Boris Johnson has delayed it until July 19 because of rising cases of the Delta variant.

The Met Police has been contacted for comment and said it was “aware” of the rave.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

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