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Call of Duty Cold War update today and Warzone patch notes latest

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Call of Duty Cold War update today and Warzone patch notes latest

Today’s Call of Duty Cold War update is going live, bringing with it several playlist changes.

Treyarch has confirmed that after last week’s Collateral Strike 24/7 playlist, players will now have access to Collateral Combined Arms 24/7, including 12v12 action on Black Ops Cold War’s newest Combined Arms map.

In addition, Treyarch is delivering an updated Throwback Moshpit collection, featuring this confirmed mix of five 6v6 respawn modes: Nuketown ’84, Raid, Express, Standoff, and Hijacked.

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Gunfight 3v3 Snipers is also returning to the featured playlists, with this combo of changes confirmed as going live on July 1:

  • NukeJacked (Nuketown ’84 + Hijacked 24/7)
  • Collateral Combined Arms 24/7
  • Throwback Moshpit (including Hijacked)

One other big news drop being planned is the launch of new Zombies intel for the next map.

Treyarch has not provided a release date for the Mauer Der Toten experience, but fans expect it to drop during July 2021.

So expect some more teasers to arrive today, which could mean a new trailer or some kind of in-game teaser or media.

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Treyarch is also pushing a new Double XP event for July 3, telling gamers: “get ready for an extended four-day Double XP + Double Weapon XP Weekend in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, running 10 AM PT Friday, July 2 through 10 AM PT Tuesday, July 6. Happy 4th!

“Be on the lookout for new Zombies teasers on Treyarch’s social channels this week as we get closer to the mid-season release of “Mauer der Toten,” the terrifying new chapter in the Dark Aether story.”

Treyarch also has plans to push several different cosmetic bundles to the Call of Duty Store this week, confirming the release of the new Hat Trick Bundle, Tracer Pack: Fireworks Bundles, which is an “a 10-item Bundle featuring Adler decked out in a stars and stripes “Life Guard” Operator Skin, as well as three Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Blasting Star” assault rifle, “Barrage” SMG, and “Firecrackers” pistol. Also included are the “Shot Up” Finishing Move, “Firework” Weapon Charm, “Sparkler” Gesture, “Starry Eyed” Emblem, “Spangled Banner” Sticker, and “Orchestrator” animated Calling Card.”

This means that the problem with today’s Warzone update has not been fixed across PS4, Xbox One or PC.

A message from Raven explains: “Due to an ongoing issue with this morning’s update, we have made the decision to roll the update back while we work on a fix.

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“We will update as soon as the issue is resolved and the update is relaunched.”

It’s unclear when the next Call of Duty Warzone patch will be released and if gamers will need to reinstall again.

But there is a good chance that Raven will launch a playlist patch today that will change what modes are available to play.

So expect a reshuffle for Rebirth Island and Verdansk mode on Thursday, July 1.

Author: Gary Jones
This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Gaming

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Call of Duty Cold War update today and Warzone patch notes latest
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