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NERF Rival Takedown Blaster, launching in shops on July 1

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NERF Rival Takedown Blaster

It appears that Supreme has been keeping up with the latest fashion trends with the Summer ’21 assortment. Now NERF Rival Blasters have been added to the list.

This year, 9to5toys analysed the whole roster of the pioneering streetwear company. However, with the release of the Supreme NERF Rival Takedown Blaster tomorrow, we thought it was appropriate to examine the new blaster more deeply.

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Because of its unique tie-dye colouring, stunning NERF design, and boundless summertime enjoyment, eager fans of all ages are looking forward to the debut of this new toy.

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The Supreme NERF Rival Takedown Blaster is scheduled to be released on July 1st.

There is no competition for NERF in the category of making kids fight each other using foam balls. Everywhere you go, you can find that logo these days.

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For Mandalorian blasters, in full-on VR competitions for the Oculus Quest, there is only one question left: why would these two groups want to reunite one more time for the sake of their band?

The Supreme x NERF Rival Takedown Blaster will be available tomorrow, with a stylish new design.

Supreme NERF Rival Takedown Blaster

For some colourful paint jobs that just scream summer, this single barrel pistol will displace the standard red and black face.

Bringing together marine blue with archipelago-like dotting on the barrel creates the first alternative.

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This is capped off by a brilliant, mint-condition grip and pump.

Meanwhile, in this corner, an explosion of bubblegum pink, fuchsia, and dreamsicle orange combine to form a brilliant contrast against the chilly tone of the adjacent colours.

Supreme has placed their insignia on the side of each shoe.

The Rival series blasters discharge textured foam pellets that are as large as gumballs.

It shoots projectiles at up to 90 feet per second with an 8-round capacity, which is done by using air pressure delivered by a pump.

Although pricing has not yet been finalised, it’s rumoured that the original gun will go for $32. Starting July 1, you will be able to find out for yourself on the Supreme website.

For those who want to make a real attempt at scoring, be sure to place an order before the lines start to go quickly, since any Supreme release is guaranteed to sell out faster than you can say “It’s NERF or nothing.”

9to5Toys comments:

To me, these do not look like toys, but rather like add-ons.

I’m probably biased in favor of Supreme’s pure iconography, but I could easily see these shoes being carried around for backyard horseshoe games and avant-garde attire accessories.

Regardless, I’ve always enjoyed NERF toys. If I’m being completely honest, I must have been playing with them since I was at least a few years old.

I’m confident these blasters will be a tremendous hit with kids of all ages, no matter how they’re used.


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NERF Rival Takedown Blaster, launching in shops on July 1
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