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‘He needs to be careful’ Prince Harry gets warning from Richard Madeley after ‘faux pas’

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'He needs to be careful' Prince Harry gets warning from Richard Madeley after 'faux pas'

The First Amendment enshrined the constitutional rights to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and a free press.

The amendment was adopted in 1791, eight years after Britain recognised the United States of America as an independent nation following the American Revolution.

Richard’s remarks about the Duke’s comments come after his words irritated some conservative American commentators, who view the First Amendment as an important part of their society. 

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Political commentator Jesse Watters told Fox News, “This guy complains about the press more than Donald Trump. Is he even really a member of the Royal Family? I didn’t think Royals were allowed to complain, no one else in his family complains about anything.

“I mean we learned about Great Britain. We go over there, we play along and we bow and do the whole thing – he never learned about the Revolutionary War?”

Author: Kathryn Ingate
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'He needs to be careful' Prince Harry gets warning from Richard Madeley after 'faux pas'
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