Labour MP Chris Bryant’s office targeted by ‘angry’ anti-vaxx mob – police notified

Chris Bryant grills Matt Hancock on Test and Trace in June

The Labour MP for Rhondda, in South Wales, took to Twitter to reveal how his office in Tonypandy was “plastered” with stickers from anti-vaxxers. The MP confirmed he has contacted the police.

He tweeted: “I’m told an angry crowd has gathered outside my office in Tonypandy and plastered it with stickers.

“Not quite an ‘attack’ as I was originally told, but I have notified the police.”

A Twitter user asked him: “Why in the world have they done that and why are they angry?”

Mr Bryant simply replied: “Vaccination.”

Labour MP Chris Bryant's office targeted by anti-vaxxers

Labour MP Chris Bryant’s office targeted by anti-vaxxers (Image: BBC)

Coronavirus restrictions in Wales

Coronavirus restrictions in Wales (Image: Getty)

Pictures taken of the vandalism revealed the stickers read: “Say no to vaccine passports.

Others said: “If unvaccinated people pose a threat to vaccinated people, does that mean the vaccine doesn’t work?”

Another reads: “Stop saying asymptomatic.

“The word you’re looking for is healthy.”

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Coronavirus restrictions in Wales

Coronavirus restrictions in Wales (Image: Getty)

While another reads: “Imagine doing all this for a virus so deadly you have to be tested to even know if you have it.”

In Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford said the next lockdown review will be on July 15.

The current rules say groups of up to 30 – not including children under 11 – can meet outside, including in private gardens and outdoor hospitality.

Three homes can also form an extended household.

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Coronavirus cases across the UK

Coronavirus cases across the UK (Image: Express)

Members of extended households are able to meet indoors and have physical contact.

You can stay at each other’s homes overnight and in holiday accommodation together.

Speaking on BBC Politics Wales in June, Mr Drakeford said: “It leaves Wales not relying wholly and exclusively on vaccination as the only thing we can do to prevent coronavirus from overwhelming the health service again.

“The social distancing, the mask-wearing, the hand-washing, all those things are a defence against coronavirus, as is vaccination.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford (Image: Getty)

“First of all, we press ahead with the vaccination programme to try to get as close to that 80 percent figure as we can.

“The more we push the vaccination numbers up, we hope, the fewer other restrictions we will need.

“And for the time being, it’s going to be a balance between those two things.”

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been several anti-vax protests up and down the country.

Labour MP's office targetted by anti-vaxxers

Labour MP’s office targetted by anti-vaxxers (Image: Getty)

Last month, Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers Corbyn, was photographed outside Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London.

In one picture, Mr Corbyn can be seen addressing those waiting through a megaphone held by another man.

He has been seen numerous times protesting against the lockdown restrictions and vaccine efficacy since the pandemic began.

Mr Corbyn, brother of the former Labour leader, was arrested earlier this year for a leaflet comparing Britain’s vaccine rollout to the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz.

Labour MP's office targetted by anti-vaxxers

Labour MP’s office targetted by anti-vaxxers (Image: Getty)

In 2020 he was arrested in two anti-lockdown demonstrations, in Trafalgar Square and Westminster, for breach of Covid regulations.

The Government and medical authorities insist mass vaccination is the best way to preserve public health, and reopen the economy.

To date, more than 78,000,000 people across the UK have received their coronavirus vaccine.

Out of these figures, 53 percent are fully vaccinated, while 72 percent have received at least one dose.

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