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Alex Cora is ‘mystified’ by the Angels’ two-way phenomenon, according to the Red Sox

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When the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani blasted two home runs in his team’s mid-May series at Fenway Park, he gave the Red Sox front-row seats to his skill. Game-winning homer off of Matt Barnes in the ninth inning led to Matt Barnes proclaiming, “Ohtani is the most physically talented baseball player I’ve ever seen.”

Alex Cora is mystified by the Angels
(Staff Photo By Stuart Cahill/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

They’ll get a good look at Ohtani’s whole array of skills this week. He’s similar to Babe Ruth in that regard. This week in Anaheim, he’ll be a pitcher and a hitter for the Red Sox, and his scheduled start in the rotation was pushed back a week.

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The baseball world was astonished by the astonishing year that Ohtani had. He will start next week’s All-Star Game as the designated hitter as well as a position player. As a pitcher, he led the league in home runs (31) and ERA (3.60) while striking out 83 batters in 12 games.

Like I stated the other day talking to Rafael Devers about it, it’s really difficult to practise both at this level, Cora said.
Bullpens, days between starts, then you have to prep yourself to start.

This is the best baseball level. Amazing is that he can be successful doing both. I’m truly awestruck by everything he’s doing.

Ohtani’s season has catapulted him into the AL MVP mix. A player who hits .270 with 30 homers and wins 12 games as a pitcher is considered a strong MVP candidate, according to J.D. Martinez. He seems to know that he’ll be considered for the league’s MVP award.

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Cora proposed a new reward for him. He’s the rare breed of batter. He’s something new. This has not been seen by MLB since Babe Ruth. I’m unsure. He should be talked about. At the moment, he’s undoubtedly the best player in the league since he is able to perform at a high level with everything that he does.

He’s not the best hitter. He is not a good pitcher. You’re right; he’s a terrific player. That’s about it. He’s being mentioned.

Everyone was amazed with what Ohtani was achieving, but no one tried to idolise him. We must thrash him as hard as we can.

Christian Arroyo stated, “What he’s done is amazing.” The facts prove it.” It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s incredibly special for us, but it’s still just another opponent. I want him to be non-productive in this series.” That indicates our pitchers threw strikes and inflicted harm to him tomorrow.

Competitively, it’s always fun to get to play against the finest players in the game. That’s not the way I want to see him when he’s playing against another team, as opposed to when he’s playing against us. Watching it is amazing.

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Arroyo was activated from the 60-day disabled list

The Red Sox re-installed Arroyo on the injured list on Monday, designating Chavis for assignment.
The starter in Game 1 of the series against the Angels, Arroyo, got a hit in his first at-bat, launching a home run.

Arroyo has made a significant impact on both offence and defence, but he has once again been derailed by injuries, a frustrating feature of his career. Not too frustrated, he hasn’t.

“It’s not something I consider,” stated Arroyo. It’s an element of your strategy. I play aggressively, and make plays wherever possible. It’s been crazy. It’s irritating when it’s things you can control, like a pre-game warm-up, and you aren’t ready for the game, and all of a sudden you hurt yourself. There are simply too many freak injuries that you can’t avoid. “It’s just baseball.”

Tuesday will be the next phase in Chris Sale’s rehab when he pitches to live batters in Fort Myers. He could be assigned a rehab start if everything goes well. Tuesday will be Connor Seabold’s third rehab outing with the Fort Myers team, and he will be throwing three innings of work.

Source: Boston Herald

By Steve Hewitt

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Alex Cora is 'mystified' by the Angels' two-way phenomenon, according to the Red Sox
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