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At a basketball game with her husband, Catherine Paiz completely ignored Michael B. Jordan

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Catherine Paiz completely ignored Michael B Jordan

At a recent basketball game, Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom ran across Drake and Michael B. Jordan.

Fans, on the other hand, went insane when she was spotted utterly ignoring Jordan, her supposed ex-boyfriend.

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Catherine Paiz, the matriarch of the ACE family, was apparently in a romantic relationship with Jordan in 2014, following their appearance together at the beach.

They rapidly became a fan favourite throughout the United States.

Paiz and Jordan did neither confirm nor deny the rumours as they began to circulate.

Catherine Paiz was observed oblivious to Michael B. Jordan.

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Catherine Paiz, her husband Austin McBroom, and his brother Landon McBroom were spotted at a basketball game in Los Angeles on Sunday evening.

The group ran upon Drake and Michael B. Jordan, who were accompanying him that night.

Austin, Paiz, and Landon were seen on Twitter hugging Drake, while Austin just nodded at Michael B. Jordan as the other two walked past him.

Fans erupt in outrage, dubbing their breakup the “downgrade of the century.”

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As many fans approved of Catherine Paiz and Michael B. Jordan’s 2014 relationship, the video allowed fans to recollect times they were spotted together in public.

Many viewed her new relationship with Austin McBroom as a “downgrade” following their apparent split and her subsequent romance with Austin McBroom.

While the video at the basketball game was deemed inappropriate, it served as a reminder to fans of how much they despised Austin.

In the comments section, fans of Paiz and Jordan’s apparent romance showed no mercy for Austin McBroom.

Author: Michelle Felix ANALYST

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At a basketball game with her husband, Catherine Paiz completely ignored Michael B. Jordan
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