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LeBron James will appear in Fortnite’s Icon Series, according to the latest leak

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LeBron James will appear in Fortnite's Icon Series
The real question is will Bugs Bunny be in Fortnite too? (pic: Warner Bros.)

It appears as though the star of Space Jam: A New Legacy will join the Fornite Icon Series, complete with his own skin and quests.

Fortnite has already hosted a slew of sports celebrities, and based on that alone, it was probably only a matter of time before NBA icon LeBron James found his way into the game, but with the upcoming Space Jam: A New Legacy film, it almost doesn’t require a leak to anticipate it.

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However, there has been one, actually two, as trusted dataminers Hypex and Shiina both concur that the LeBron skin exists and that obtaining it will require completing a unique quest known as King’s Bling.

This appears to include bestowing a Midas touch on LeBron, as items begin to turn to gold as you unlock a slider that lets you to adjust the exact appearance of gold items.

Which is impressive even if you are unfamiliar with LeBron James.

When will LeBron James make his Fortnite debut?

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Although it is uncertain whether his presence would expressly reference Space Jam, the gold gimmick seems to imply that it will not — aside from LeBron perhaps donning the same costume.

Is Bugs Bunny with a pistol any stranger than a human basketball player with a gun?

Perhaps this is the point at which Epic Games draws the line.

There is no indication of when the skin and quests will become available, but given the film’s release date of July 16, it’s likely to be this week.

The NBA has already been incorporated into Fortnite, with a large campaign in May, prior to the 2021 playoffs, that featured uniforms for all 30 clubs.

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In 2018, while Fortnite Battle Royale was still in its infancy, there was also a skin that looked suspiciously like LeBron but was not officially sanctioned.

Which is something Fortnite would never do in the modern era.

The Icon Series has always been reserved for influencers, athletes, and musicians, and currently has Harry Kane, Neymar Jr., Travis Scott, Marshmello, Ninja, and TheGrefg.

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LeBron James will appear in Fortnite's Icon Series, according to the latest leak
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